Milestone Products, Inc provides CNC machining in small-run to medium-run quantities (from single pieces to 1000s). We provide milling and turning services, mainly to the Power Transmission, Bearing, Industrial, and Pneumatics markets, as well as the automotive and heavy truck markets.

Design | Engineering | Project Managment

If you need help with design solutions, review, or engineering for your applications, our experienced staff is here to help. Our team has the experience to work with you on design solutions for nearly any manufacturing process. We can work with you to solve complex issues and move your project forward in the most affordable way possible.

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CNC Milling

Our typical size range for milling is from just a few inches (X,Y,Z) to 64"-X, 22"-Y, 26"-Z
All of our mills have 4th axis interface capability.

• CNCMilling With 4th Axis
• Table Size 48” x 20”
• Table Size 64” x 22”
•  X 40” Y 20” Z 25” 4th Axis (A) 10”
•  X 51” Y 21” Z 26” 4th Axis (A) 11.5”
•  Table Size X 18", Y 11", Z 16.25"

CNC Turning

We can run up to 12.5" diameter and bar feeding up to 3" diameter with live tooling capability for components that may require milling, drilling, or tapping.

CNC Turning  With Live Tooling
• BarFeed – Up To 3” Diameter
• Chuck– Up To 13” Diameter
• Chuck – Up To 10” Diameter


Milestone Products can assist in the fabrication of your low to medium-volume assemblies. Our fabricators and technicians are highly skilled and have the ability to build or repair nearly any project. Our team has the experience to assist in the design and develop any necessary fixtures to ensure your products are of the highest quality and consistency.

Quality Control

We have a full-service inspection lab to ensure all manufactured components are produced to customers' specifications.

Full Inspection Lab
• Variable Gaging & Attribute Gaging
• CMM Capability 40” x 28” x 22”
• Material Hardness Testing (Rockwell ABC&N Scale)
• Optical Comparator
• Various High Precision ID/Bore Gauges can check to  0.0001".
• All our gauges are maintained within a calibration system and traceable to NIST standards.

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